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We are not a registered charitable organization

As you know we have a very good system in place for helping in this disaster. We are still understaffed and could still use good hearted people stepping up and helping in various departments. Once we just fill a few more positions we will be able to effectively handle runs to communities in need better and quicker and also be better prepared for what may come from the high winds approaching.. we need coordinators to handle the Vancouver Island region support team.

We have a chain from the hearts and hands of the people of BC set up to the hands of the disasters evacuees and cut off communities and its working We just need a wee bit more help to make it really crank.

Please call 780-222-7167 or Bea Peter at 250-244-0469, if u want to help.
Let's join forces to the other groups kicking butt too and prepare for the worst with this wind coming in.
Thank you sincerely to the people of B.C. for the help and support from and your kind and caring hearts.

Sincerely The Postmen


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