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We are not a registered charitable organization

Who are The Postmen?

No doubt you have been seeing a lot of mention on social media about 'The Postmen'.

Just a little outline to explain who we are and what we do.........

The Postmen was founded by Kristopher Kory Mercer when the horrible wildfires impacted so many people in Fort. McMurray in 2016. Since then others joined him in the huge efforts to continually be there for people during all types of disaster or crisis situations. The postmen have grown to an impressive size with people from all over Canada and now recently the United states with people from all over opening new depots, collecting in parking lots, shopping centers, malls, and collecting from businesses as well as individuals.

The Postmen are a large group of non-profiting volunteers all across Canada who collect, distribute, organize, and deliver donations to those who are in any kind of crisis. "Disaster Relief For The People By The People".

There are Postmen Depots in many cities and towns all across Canada with the majority focused in Alberta and British Columbia with more opening regularly. They collect donations, organize them and get them to the people who need them. What makes The Postmen different from most other charity groups is that they deliver directly to the people. With special permits to access fire zones during wildfire situations they can bring food and other desperately needed items to individuals, families, ranchers, and even fire crews.
There are so many people to recognize that have done so much to help The Postmen in their efforts, and the general public has continued to provide so much assistance in reaching their main goal and that is to be there for the people when they need help.

Many different well known businesses and agencies are recognizing The Postmen and their efforts and have stepped in to help.

There is so much happening right now with these wildfires. Many people are not aware as to what really is going on behind the fire lines. The main media is not reporting the fact that there are many families who are in dire need. The Postmen are continuously working very hard to collect, and deliver right to those who are in need. Your help is greatly appreciated and so very needed and will not go unrecognized.

Support your Postmen, help us serve the people.
Bless you all.

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Pet Postmen ( a division of The Postmen ):

Kristopher Kory Mercer - 780-222-7167 
President and The Alberta Provincial Director

Bea Peter - 250-255-0469
British Columbia Provincial Director

Kevin Mercer - 226-921-5629
Ontario Provincial Director

Dave Llewellyn - 250-747-9809
Postmen Media Director and Quesnel Outpost

16131 109 Ave NW

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

T5P 4E5

Head Office

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